Sniff you later city dogs

This week I paid a visit to the historic Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. I had in mind that it would be a great place for sniff walks and guardians of shy dogs. I did see several dogs, with a mixture of on and off-lead management (despite what the website says).

A walking path in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

It was suggested that the quietest time is between lunch time and school pickup. Overall it is actually a really peaceful spot with loads of little pathways, places to move off the track, different sections that are quite private, even ‘secret’, with hedges and flowers, of course old grave stones, moss, trees and a few benches where you could sit and watch people and dogs from a distance.

Most visitors tend to stick to the beaten path it seems, so there are quite a lot of options if you’re looking for a peaceful little sniff walk without too many distractions, and of course it’s really beautiful on a bright day when the daffodils are in bloom.

Why are sniff walks so appealing for all dogs anyway? Dogs can gather all sorts of information about the world and other dogs through scent. Sniff walks provide fantastic mental stimulation for our pups, and can help build confidence too. Sniffing is de-stressing, so nosework in conjunction with a peaceful environment can help with fostering calm.

Following your dog on a sniff walk naturally provides ‘choice’, which in turn boosts wellbeing, together with engaging and providing an outlet for a powerful natural behaviour. From science we know that a dog’s sense of smell is their superpower. Dogs’ noses have more than 100 million sensory receptor sites in the nasal cavity compared to about 6 million in people.

What could be a better gift than seeking out a sniffing oasis in the city for your dog.

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