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Dog training and skills for life.

Puppy Life offers in-person dog training in East London, Isle of Dogs and surrounding areas. Our puppy classes and training programmes are designed to support your lifestyle and build your relationship with your dog. All training and teaching is based on positive, reward-based methods.

Dog Training Sessions


It can be challenging having a new puppy come into our lives. The first few months of your puppy’s life will shape his view of the world. Teaching basic skills makes everything easier, and safer. Understanding how dogs learn will help you provide positive learning experiences, to build a happy relationship.

PUPPY COURSE – indoor PUPPY classes

Our puppy classes are built into a 5-week training course, helping puppies understand what’s expected and to make good choices. The small group classes maximise personal attention, while allowing caregivers to practise training in a shared environment and learn from each other.


If your puppy falls in between courses, is a little older, or you’d prefer some dedicated time, we offer a one-to-one coaching option. This programme covers the basic elements of the Puppy Course plus additional tailoring based on your needs.



I’m Stephanie, I started PUPPY LIFE based on the growing need for dog training that helps to teach good manners and build happy relationships. The emphasis is on ‘training from the dog’s point of view’ and important life skills are highlighted throughout.


Puppies are learning all the time. Evidence shows that many behavioural problems can be prevented if puppies are given the opportunity to learn social skills, and proactively taught about what’s expected as early as possible.

All classes are run in accordance with the APDT UK Code of Practise, adhering to kind, fair and effective training methods.

Stephanie Ismail

Dog training solutions

Are there training areas that need more attention, need a refresher, or you’d like to teach a new skill? We offer individualised dog training packages.

Excited black Labrador jumping up into the arms of a man in a dangerous way.


Over-excited greetings can lead to uncontrolled jumping. Need a new strategy to help with this? Helping you achieve your goals and focusing in on training areas that need more attention. Get in contact.


A more reliable recall, means more freedom for you and your dog. Work on your relationship and recall skills. Book our Recall Stars programme.

Terrier dog escaping from the front door and running away from a boy chasing it.


Someone at the door? Your dog dashes through the front door as soon as it’s open. Or maybe you need a strategy for when the delivery man arrives. Get in contact.

Fluffy dog on a lead looking into the distance.


Improved lead walking makes outings more enjoyable for you and your dog. Work on your connection and loose lead walking skills. Book our Walking Stars programme.

Serving East London and beyond: Canary Wharf, Poplar, Limehouse and Isle of Dogs E14, Whitechapel E1, St. Katherine’s & Wapping E1W, Bow E3 and Greenwich SE10.



Liked: the guides and email follow ups, having a structure we can now follow.
~December 2023

Liked: building on skills learnt every lesson.
~Lily September 2023

Not too many pups – classes nice size.
~Debbie September 2023

Clear and concise modules each session.
~Beth July 2023

APDT UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Stephanie Ismail MAPDT (01589)
UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter Group
Animal Behaviour and Training Council ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor
Stephanie Ismail
Pet Professional Network

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