About Puppy Life

I started PUPPY LIFE based on the growing need for puppy training that helps to teach good manners and build happy relationships. Across all our programmes, the emphasis is on ‘training from the dog’s point of view’ and important life skills are highlighted throughout.

Why start puppy training early?

Puppies are learning all the time. Evidence shows that many behavioural problems can be prevented if puppies are given the opportunity to learn social skills, and proactively taught about what’s expected as early as possible.

All classes are run in accordance with the APDT Code of Practise, adhering to kind, fair and effective training methods.

About me

I have experience working through all of the Kennel Club Good Citizen dog training awards. My professional development to date includes Duke University’s Dog Emotion and Cognition course among numerous others both online and in-person, with a continued interest in new developments in the animal training and behavioural science space.

I am a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK (01589). I also have an Advanced Certificate in Dog Training Instructing from the APDT and am fully insured.

After working in the corporate world for many years, I turned to teaching in 2017. Leveraging this background with an absolute love of dogs (and cats) and a passion for science-based, positive training techniques based on how dogs learn, communicate and live with us, PUPPY LIFE was started in 2022.

Stephanie Ismail

Please contact us for more information about one-to-one training sessions and our indoor puppy classes for 2024 in East London.

Stephanie Ismail using a long line for safety while puppy training better recall at the beach.
APDT UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Stephanie Ismail MAPDT (01589)
UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter Group
Animal Behaviour and Training Council ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor
Stephanie Ismail
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